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We choose to educate people about vodka rather than rely on fancy packaging and image marketing. For this reason, we have created programs called Vodka 101 and the Wine Lovers’ Guide to Vodka to allow people to enjoy the world, history and traditions of vodka, which is only fitting, given our origins.

Vodka 101- with John Vellinga

This is a brief version of some of the material that Slava President, John Vellinga delivers as a part of the Vodka Experience. Learn about the history, origins and how great vodka is made. John Vellinga does a video version of his highly rated VODKA 101 sessions that have been delivered to thousands of people, including product consultants at two of Canada’s largest liquor boards. We also bust some of the many myths and marketing gimmicks perpetrated on the vodka consuming public and help you become a true blue vodka connoisseur.

Wine Lovers Guide to Vodka – with David Hulley

Are you a wine aficionado? In this video, we help translate your wine expertise into vodka. Wine Expert, David Hulley explains premium vodka to wine lovers in terms they already know, drawing on the knowledge they have built up about wine.

Vodka 101 The Wine Lover's Guide