UKRAINE TO BE REPRESENTED AT WORLDPRIDE 2014 Prominent LGBT Activists Arrive in Toronto

slava-brand-logo June 23, 2014 , 4:30PM Ukraine will be represented at WorldPride 2014 in Toronto by four of the country’s most prominent LGBT activists. The theme of WorldPride is RISE UP and these courageous souls perfectly resonate with that spirit. They are past and current organizers of KyivPride, EuroMaidan activists and crusaders for LGBT and Human Rights.

The events of the last six months from EuroMaidan to Crimea to the recent presidential election have shown that all Ukrainians are fighting for their rights. But Ukraine’s LGBT community has even more at stake and face a stark crossroads: Either progress toward European human rights and tolerance, or a slide into Russian-style oppression. Shortly after annexing Crimea from Ukraine, Putin enacted the same oppressive laws he imposed on Russians. Now southern and eastern Ukraine is threatened with a similar fate. Read more ›

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Subject of Elton John’s appeal to stop the violence against gay people.

subject-elton Toronto – June 27, 2014 – Svyatoslav (Slava) Sheremet was the victim of a vicious hate crime after the Ukrainian KyivPride March was cancelled in 2012, which received world-wide media attention and caused Elton John to make an emotional appeal to stop hate crimes against the LGBT community during his performance at the 2012 AIDS benefit concert.

“Recently I read about violence against gay people in Ukraine,” said Elton John. “Beating up gay people is wrong. This for me does not symbolize Ukraine,” he said. “I plead with you: Stop the violence against gay people.”

Slava, together with three Ukrainian activists, Olena Semenova, Maksym Kasianchuk and Taras Karasiichuk, are attending WorldPride 2014 and marching in a special KyivPride entry into the WorldPride Parade. Read more ›

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