• Why Slava Is the Best Made Vodka

Slava Ultra Premium vodka is considerably more affordable than other ultra-premium vodkas. Slava Ultra Premium costs a few dollars more than ordinary vodka, but it is a huge leap in quality for only a small step up in price.

We chose to concentrate on what’s inside the bottle, because sophisticated vodka drinkers don’t require the reassurance of expensive packaging or costly global advertising campaigns to identify a superior product.

Besides, why spend an extra $20 (that is what it costs you) on a fancy four-colour screened, frosted bottle with a cork? No intelligent wine connoisseur would buy based on packaging. A Scotch aficionado might concede a nice tin or tube, but they aren’t fooled by a fancy bottle. It’s what’s in the bottle that matters.

Our formula is simple: we use the finest ingredients, employ the best processes, and work with the most skilled craftspeople – in the birthplace of vodka. There is no nonsense or image marketing here. Just the real thing. We don’t waste your money on frivolous stuff – like fancy bottles, girls in bars or pointless celebrity Rapper endorsements.

The result speaks for itself: in blind taste tests, Slava has repeatedly been proven to taste better than vodkas costing far more.



Not only is our bottle the reason for a more democratic price, it is also better designed and more practical than the tall, fancy bottles that other ultra-premiums use. We once had a cork and eliminated it since it could colour and taint the liquid. A steel cap is better, so we switched.

Vodka belongs in your freezer. Served neat or in a martini, vodka connoisseurs will tell you that this enhances both the smoothness and the liquid’s consistency. That’s why our bottle features a unique three-sided design that prevents it from rolling on its side and a shorter height that ensures it will easily fit into your freezer. It may even fit upright in the door pocket. But, for sure, you don’t have to jam a bag of peas near it to keep it from falling out. Frozen peas are for soothing injuries (or eating), not securing vodka bottles.

So before you experience the ultimate warmth of Slava vodka, be sure your bottle of Slava vodka experiences the extreme cold.